Former EA DICE designer tweets potential Battlefield: Bad Company 3 ideas

David Goldfarb, former lead designer at EA DICE has been working on a script lately on a follow up to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 released back in 2010. Apparently the idea to produce a sequel came to David while he was in the shower of all places.

So his script takes place some years after Bad Company 2 focusing on the character George Haggard, demolition expert who has appeared before in the Bad Company series. The script shows us an older Haggard working in a convenience store after the war.

The script goes on describing Haggard’s original desire of buying a truck during the war and his interactions with a teenager who steals cigarettes from him.

David has been talking with his former colleagues on Twitter of his ideas which seems to be going over well. Though whether or not the game will be ready for production isn’t set in stone yet. Though it would fascinating to see another Bad Company game come out since it’s been almost a decade since the last one and seeing it adapt to today’s environment of gaming.

Comment below if you would like to see a new Battlefield: Bad Company game. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news Hitman 2 has a new “How to Hitman” video out now.

New “How to Hitman” Video

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