Five Straight Years Of Growth For Konami Thanks To Yu-Gi-OH Duel Links

Just released was the financial earnings for Konami this past year, and yet again they have seen growth for the fifth year in a row thanks to Yu-Gi-OH Duel Links.  The fiscal ended March 31, 2019, and from the results, they supplied it has grown about 9.6% from year to year.

The company grew in both total revenue and operating profit this past year which far exceeds the earnings from previous years. The majority of this profit came from the digital entertainment department, from help from titles such as Yu-Gi-OH duel Links as it celebrates its second-year anniversary. And to add to this flame, just Yu-Gi-OH alone sold roughly 90 million digital downloads.

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The chart above is just a simple break down of the full revenue of Konami’s past year.  As you can see video games or ( digital entertainment ) has increased 17.8% this past fiscal year, with Amusement (+10.6%)  and Gaming and Systems (+5.2%), shortly behind.

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