Final Trailer for Devil May Cry 5 Revealed! – Full Review


The Final Trailer for Devil May Cry 5 Revealed! Are you motivated yet??

A few hrs ago around 16:00 GMT, Capcom decided to drop a surprise trailer for it’s highly anticipated 5th instalment in the hack n slash series Devil May Cry, and in the words of the former main protagonist Dante “This party’s getting crazy!”. So right off the bat, we are given a scene of what appears to be Qlipoth tree growing beyond the earth’s atmosphere and into the reaches of space. This gives off a very strong end of the world vibe. This is followed by Nero dashing across a large pathway as Nico yells for him to get into the Devil May Cry Shop. With Trish stretching out to give him a hand as the surrounding are rapidly crumbling behind them. Once again, we cut back to the Qlipoth tree expanding in height and structure (from this reviewer’s perspective it comes across as a twisted take on a ferris wheel in it’s design, but hey what do I know) and this again emphasises how dire the situation has become.

After that, we then cut to the main antagonist Urizen who questions who is attempting to interfere with his plans, before shortly seeing best boy/man Dante slowly approach in what many fans speculate to be his majin/perfect devil trigger form. A few seconds of Nero and Dante gameplay follow, with the main spectacle being Dante’s new sword which seems to give off afterimages. This is similar to the Cavalier Angelo boss’s sword from previous videos. From the sound effects and visuals, there’s the possibility that it hits enemies multiple times aside when you send them into the air, but this is mere speculation. We also see both protagonists in what appear to be new environments, although these could also be the city and library areas seen in previous videos.

The next few scenes split between the female leads Nico, Trish and Lady bewildered at what could possibly be the start of Qlipoth tree’s sudden gradual growth spurt into space after Urizen’s defeat (or so they must have thought), Urizen taunting Nero about his powerlessness and humanity, Trish preventing V from falling off a part of the Qlipoth tree, and a few seconds of V gameplay. All the while Urizen’s continues speaking in which viewers can instantly recognise this being the same speech he gives in the 2nd trailer for Devil May Cry 5. We cut to a scene where a pillar of blue energy bursts out, pushing back the demon hunter protagonists Dante and Nero back, whilst switching to a birds eye view of the scene. Queue fragmented glass (this is likely to be some form of dimensional effect alluded to in video gameplay of the first Urizen boss fight) breaking apart around the surrounding scenery, with the camera shifting towards the reactions of Nero and Dante. As the camera pans back to where the blue pillar of energy came from, Urizen’s speech comes to an end and we see what appears to be obviously fan favourite Son of Sparda twin Vergil with his back turned holding Yamato in his left hand (at this point I’m sure many fans’ minds went crazy as mine did).


Without given much time to process what’s happening, we’re taken into the past in what appears to the Sparda twins’ mother Eva, hiding Dante as she gives clear instructions as to what he is to do should she not return (the moment hardcore fans recognise as the turning point of Sparda twins life directions). Meanwhile, short flashes of Nero’s meeting with his father Vergil and V’s slowly degenerating visage seen from the 2nd trailer appear as a solemn track plays. We’re then shown a brief glimpse of Dante’s reawakening from his month coma, before a scene where he devil triggers with his father’s Sparda’s sword. This appears to be a second attempt to confront Urizen and frantically save Lady and Trish. Unfortunately best boy is knocked away before Urizen drags the two main female devil hunters, remarking he has plans for them.

In the remaining 40 or so seconds, we are given a scene where V collapses whilst asking Nero for a last request as our main hero offers him a hand and then a shoulder to lean on whilst it cuts to a brief moment of the scene where best boy Dante frees Trish from the remains of the Cavalier Angelo boss. We see a glimpse of Urizen once again from the scene first shown in the 2018 E3 trailer followed by the devil slaying trio of Nero, V and Dante having a short rest and regroup moment. We’re then treated to quick glances of the entire main cast from earlier displayed scenes as Nero walks up a path on the Qlipoth tree with a resolved look, reaching out as a burst of blue energy emanates from his devil breaker arm and the main logo appears behind him as it does in the title screen (alluding to him finally pulling his devil trigger perhaps?).

Capcom however, decides to tease fans once again with an expansion of the earlier Vergil reveal scene as we see his upper torso, a side glance of his face and his trademark slicked back hair. If all the previous trailers haven’t done so already (including the adrenaline pumping “Mad Qualia” video by Hyde), then this trailer will certainly have fans in a frenzy over what awaits them in this latest addition to the much-loved series.

I can definitely say I am without a doubt *motivated* to get my hands on this game as soon as possible, and this trailer has made the remaining 8 days even more agonising than before.

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below!

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