Final Fantasy XIV Might Find It’s Way to Xbox

Recently found on Classificação Indicativa ( Indicative Classification ), a Brazilian game rating website, FFXIV was spotted as one game that might make its way onto a Microsoft platform.

The website making this listing isn’t one ran by amateurs, Brazil’s Ministry of Justice is in charge in of the post and they’re comparable to the PEGI or ESRB in the UK and US.

Final Fantasy is a major title with a huge long-running fan base, especially regarding FFXIV if this game were to find its way in the laps of Xbox fans who maybe didn’t have the chance to originally play it the first time around this would be a great opportunity.

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In the past, Classificação Indicativa has had a pretty good track record in predicting what game will do what, so with that said this news is pretty exciting to say the least.

If this news were to come true,  what happens July 2nd when the new content ( Shadowbringers ) is released for FFXIV?  We know already that it will drop for PS4 and PC, but if the title is on Xbox by then will the DLC be playable there as well? Most likely, otherwise it would be unfair and players wouldn’t get the full experience available to everyone else.

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Would you like to see Final Fantasy Fourteen brought to the Xbox? Are you excited for Shadowbringers? Let us now and don’t be shy, so join in on the discussion below.

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