Final Fantasy 8 and 9 remake, Avengers DLC and more we learned from a possible Square Enix leak

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7
If the leak is true we've got some stellar games awaiting us!

Leaks leave two main responses in the public, excitement and scepticism, and from a maybe doubt as it comes from a/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours. The main two in this leak that both Final Fantasy 8 and 9 are getting remakes. The AMA in question had some intriguing answers but as always take everything with a grain of salt. To best categorise this, we think we should take this by each question.

Square Leak

Upon being asked, the account confirmed that the only remakes outside of Final Fantasy 7 being worked on are Final fantasy 8 and 9. This is somewhat disappointing given Square Enix’s, backlog especially the impeccable job system in FF5 and FF6’s breathtaking story and an array of characters (Parasite Eve remake when?!?) but it would be great to see Final Fantasy 8 and 9 with the visuals of the current FF7 remake.


Moving onto the recently delayed Avengers game, they were asked a few different questions

Who are some of the main villains? “HYDRA plays a big part, but many consists of villains we have seen in the MCU.”

Is it in the same universe as Insomniac’s Spider-Man? “No, think about it as a different universe or world like CW’s The Flash.”

Will Latveria, Savage Lands and K’un L’un appear? “Yes many mission arc takes place in Wakanda, and throughout the game, you will explore New York, Stark Industries, Pier 13, hydra research base, forests of Asgard to name a few.”

Will there be Co-Op? “The campaign is 100% single-player. However, there are side quests that will be co-op but only for online multiplayer. So, no – there’s no local/split-screen co-op.”

Screenshot from the upcoming Avengers game

Games not ready to talk about:

They further clarified in the same comment thread that while there is interest in furthering Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts and Nier, there is nothing to talk about right now. This is a shame as these were some of my favourites, but it seems Square Enix has more significant projects right now. They also said that Just Cause 5 is in the works but could be delayed in the future even more.

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Screenshot of Deus Ex

Deus Ex:

Moving this to some more exciting news is that of Deus Ex. Deus Ex is an old school PC gem which had a renaissance with Human Revolution in 2011. User 0006 confirmed, “Deus Ex will return back for the next-gen, Square Enix has been working on a sequel to Mankind Dividend.” Mankind Divided was a technically very impressive game and, with the current hype behind Cyberpunk 2077, worth looking into.


Finally, this is the section for the last of the leaks. In a fairly throwaway comment, the account said that PlayStation would make an official announcement of the PS5 in February. “Sorry just know SONY will announce the PS5 in February” Furthermore they confirmed that while sleeping dogs is not being developed, it’s definitely not dead. Lastly, one of the most ominous yet exciting comments was in response to being asked if there are any new IPs being planned. they responded with

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Several RPG Games, and dozens of indie games are currently in the greenlit stage.”

It’s great to see Square are further increasing the development of new projects; hopefully, we’ll hear more in 2020.

Well, that’s it for the most part. There are little snippets of information and we’ definitely recommend giving it a read for yourself, but these are the most important pieces of information to me.

What are your thoughts on the possible Square leaks? Let us know in the comments

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