Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Be An Action game


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Be An Action game


Final Fantasy 7 is known in many gamers minds to be the best Final Fantasy game in the series. A few years ago when the report came out that Square Enix would be giving Final Fantasy 7 a full remake for the modern consoles fans across the world got excited. During the process, we have seen reports that many things have changed since the original idea came about.

Square Enix seems to be on a mission to fully remake Final fantasy 7 almost into a whole different game as they do not want the comparison o the original version. even to the point where we saw a  job listing suggesting the publisher and developer is making it into an action game.

Square Enix is looking for a team with specific skills just for this remake. The action gameplay should not shock fans of the game tho because in modern days it’s just easy to market. Final Fantasy 7 being remade was a pipe dream from gamers and fans years ago and now it is being made but the last time we really got something credible was at E3 in 2015.

I hope this remake sees the light of day and does not deal with development hell. So many gamers have never played it and they should be introduced to the game.  Final Fantasy 7 will have high expectations and no matter what they do there will always be people who hate on it. I grew up on this series and I wish the best for the remake and maybe more remakes down the line.



Final Fantasy 7 has no release date but will be exclusive for the PlayStation 4.



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