Filmmakers update on status of Metal Gear Movie

Snake and Ocelot provide their feedback too!

The past month on Twitter should have been renamed Metal Gear month as the director of the upcoming Metal Gear film Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been posting various material on the film and a video of Snake and Ocelot to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the series.

The thank you video touches upon patterns happening in cinema right now where things feel like a routine to resell old ideas like reboots. The former Kong: Skull Island director clearly wants to stay to true to Hideo Kojima’s original vision. The script to the film is finished as well which was co-written by Derik Connelly, who has work on Jurassic World and also Kong: Skull Island with Vogt-Roberts.

Vogt-Roberts recently told Gamespot how they’re currently reworking the script despite being finished to fit the mold of Metal Gear Solid fans would expect:

“I was able to say [to producers at Sony], ‘Let’s really think about whether we’re making the truest, most balls-to-the-wall Metal Gear version of this–the most Kojima version of this,” he said. “And even if that means we make it for a little bit less money, let’s make the version of this that’s true to what it is, fully committed to what Kojima’s voice is.”

If this lives up to their promises this should be an interesting take on Metal Gear Solid. Capturing the vision laid out by Kojima should be easy since he always looked at games with a filmmaker’s perspective. So far there aren’t any further details on the movie  besides what has been mentioned so far. It should be exciting to see it when it all comes together as a whole.

Comment below on you think of the new Metal Gear Solid movie. Who would you like to see play as Snake? I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Fortnite Week 7 challenges have been leaked via Twitter recently.

Fortnite Week 7 challenges Leaked



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