Fight Crab – A game about Giant Enemy Crabs Fighting

I am not going to lie, with the words Fight Crab you should be automatically invested, and I didn’t even mention the best part in the title- they can wield weapons. And one of those weapons is a goddamn chainsaw! Interest at its highest peak yet? I thought so.

The premise of this title is that you are a giant enemy crab, fighting other giant crabs, giant enemy crabs fighting with weapons- apply the ultimate emphasis to every word in this article because it deserves it.

This game Fight Crab is currently in Early Access at the moment and is available on

Here is the game’s description:

In this far-off world,
These crabs were granted ultimate strength and intelligence from the generous gods. Using their newfound strength and wit, they armed themselves with human weapons of the finest calibur, and took control of the lands. Immortal beings of unrelenting horror, they cannot be killed with swords or even guns. 

However, there is only one principle fact that rules these lands; “Those who are flipped onto their shells, shall be cooked into a crab cake, or mouth-watering rangoon.”

Yes, yes…Crabs who have embarrassingly been flipped over onto their shells will have no choice but to submit to the pot. 

You are a crab. Aiming to be the best around, you embark on a world tour to flip as many crabs as possible.


I cannot overly tell you how intrigued I am about this title, I love the obscene and the obscure, anything random and crazy I am automatically interested in it. Come on, its a game about Giant Enemy Crabs, how can you not love it?

The current Early Access build currently highlights an extraordinary number of species of crab 19 to be exact, as well as 41 glorious weapons. According to the developer Nusso, more will be adding during development.

Check out this magnificent trailer about Fight Crabs below:

How many copies are you going to buy for you and your friends? Who will be the Ultimate Giant Enemy Crab and reign supreme? Let us know in the comments below!

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