Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness Coming In June

Farcry 5 is set to release 3 DLC expansions and the first being Hours Of Darkness, which is set to release on June 5. The expansion is going to take players from Hope County to the jungles of Vietnam War

The expansion is not just adding a new playable area, but it is also going to be adding new weapons to the game such as the M16 rifle, the SVD sniper rifle, and the M60 machine gun, all of which will also be usable in the main campaign. You also will have the ability to call in “Bombing Airstrikes” and for players who like to be stealth, there is a new Survival Instinct feature that grants up to four temporary perks for accumulating stealth kills.

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Ubisoft has said once the DLC campaign is completed, players will unlock a pair of new game modes these being.

Survival Mode, “which strips down your weaponry and ramps up the challenge to provide a more authentic experience”

Action Movie Mode, “which gives you additional weapon slots and enhances the airstrike ability”

Here is the trailer for Hours Of Darkness:

Ubisoft has also confirmed Far Cry 5 “post-launch timeline” However these dates are not set in stone, Lost on Mars expansion is set to arrive in July, followed by Dead Living Zombies in August.

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