Fantastic 4 Content for Spider-Man PS4 Confirmed


Marvel Games ‘Fantastic Four Week’ is going to bring Fantastic 4 content to multiple games… including Spider-Man PS4!

Spiderman F4

Recently, as part of its ‘Fantastic Four Week’ celebrations. Marvel Games have made a number of interesting announcements. Mobile video game titles such as Future Fight, Strike Force, Contest of Champions etc will all be getting new content related to fantastic four… This content includes the likes of new characters, events, levels etc.

Yesterday, a Twitter post by Marvel Games confirmed that Spider-Man on PS4 will also be getting some new ‘Fantastic Four’ content. Exactly what the content this is, we are yet to find out. However, and unfortunately I cannot see the content being something too great… It will most likely consist of a new suit or two. Maybe, if we are lucky there will be something more substantial added like an event or side mission.

Anyway, take a look at the twitter post below and tell us what you think they’ll be bringing to the game in the comments section.

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