Fans are not happy with new RPG Genshin Impact being too influenced by Breath of the Wild

Genshin Impact Breath of the Wild influenced

Genshin Impact Breath of the Wild influenced

Fans are deeply unhappy about upcoming RPG Genshin Impact being far too heavily influenced by Nintendo’s breathtakingly acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Chinese fans are already up in arms with a man smashing his PS4 Pro in protest to the unveiled Genshin Impact trailer at Chinajoy, with many more fans using hand profanities, and waving Switches and BotW cases up in the air in protest.

Genshin Impact is a new open-world RPG for PS4, PC, IOS, and developed by MiHoYo Technology. The game is set in a fantasy location called Teyvat and features anime-inspired characters.

Sony took the opportunity to unveil the new trailer for Gensin Impact at the Chinajoy 2019, the largest gaming expo in Asia.

At first, I thought that inspiring was the equivalent to flattery, but after watching the trailer, you can see the game in some places looks like a carbon copy of the Breath of the Wild’s world rather than being inspired by it.

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MiHoYo is currently attempting to address criticism, but the trailer in their defence shows a lot of other locations that do not seem inspired from the land of Hyrule. Fans seem too caught up on what is the same rather than what is different.

Genshin Impact will play entirely differently from BotW, it has multiple playable characters and faster-paced gameplay, in my opinion, the combat, and gameplay looks smooth and enjoyable to play. But there will be some significant die-hard Zelda fans out there that will not care that the gameplay is so different, they will only care that another game has ‘plagiarised‘ their beloved Zelda title.

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What is peculiar is that Ubisoft’s new title called Gods and Monsters revealed at E3 this year, which looks inspired by BotW was left alone, and no-one batted an eyelid. Or what about Decay of Logos which is also once again heavily inspired by BotW.

Breath of the Wild is truly a game that deserves praise and admiration, but is the line between drawing inspiration and blatant plagiarism too thin?

Do you think that Genshin Impact is influenced by the Breath of the Wild a little too much? Let us know in the comments below!

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