Fan-made Tender Defender will come to Fortnite

Recently, a Reddit user posted images back in September of his son requesting images he drew to be included in Fortnite. Accordingly, the boy drew pictures of a Chicken Trooper also known as the Tender Defender.

In fact, Epic Games plans to implement his drawings in the v6.30 patch. Not to mention, the Reddit post acquired over 40,000 upvotes with fans demanding Epic to apply the boy’s work into the game.

Supposedly, the first image above is the Chicken Trooper’s hideout in the Lonely Lodge. In addition, a Chicken Glider and Whisk Pickaxe will be included in the patch which also comes from the boy’s pictures.

Interestingly, the father expressed his gratitude to Epic Games as he plans to show his son’s drawings in the game as a surprise.

“He has no idea yet! I want him to see it only if it comes into the game first”

“…I am super happy for Connor. His concept is really becoming reality it seems. Thanks for all the artists who took his original drawing and built there chicken troopers off of his concept. There is no bigger compliment. Thanks to the redditors of this forum who stood behind a young boys idea and uplifted him.”

Honestly, this is a cool move on Epic’s part. Not to mention, acts like this prove how awesome and caring the company is to their fans.

Comment below on what you think of the Chicken Trooper. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Niantic will be releasing Harry Potter Wizards Unite on mobile devices next year.

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