Fallout 76 – Raid in Vault 94

Fallout 76 Vault 94

We mentioned a few weeks ago that raids were coming to Fallout 76, well they are almost finally here, raids are launching in just a few days on August 20th and the first one is Vault 94. Bethesda’s latest weekly Fallout 76 blog goes into explicit detail about the entire raid.

Vault 94 can be attempted solo, but its guideline is for a ‘full team of level 50+ characters’ is recommended. The empty halls of Vault 94 have been succumbed to nature, what once was a pacifist gardeners vault- primary armed with seeds to replant the world back to its once green lustre.

Fallout 76 has a new raid feature Instancing, only you and your team will be allowed in the raid, no one from the outside can intervene. Instancing has been a well-used feature for MMO’s for aeons, and I’m glad Fallout 76 has followed suit.

Inside Vault 94 there are three missions you can attempt, each with three levels of difficulty to choose from, and each challenge havings its own loot rewards. However, not all missions you can try one after the other, they are going to cycle them out every week. The rewards for completing each of these quests over the few weeks is a new set of Power Armour based around stealth.

Fallout 76’s new raid Vault 94 launches on August 20th as part of a new patch.

Are you still playing Fallout 76, will you be trying out this new raid? Let us know in the comments below!

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