Fallout 76: Hunter/Hunted Radio

Fallout 76

Fallout 76: Hunter/Hunted Radio

Soon to be upon us is much the anticipated online multiplayer RPG game that is Fallout 76. In a recent blog post from Bethesda discussing PvP mechanics in the game, Bethesda discuss how the open world won’t be ruined by high-level trolls and genuinely annoying players. First off, you have to instigate a fight for full damage to come into effect. So, if you want to fight someone and they don’t attack back, you’ll only deal minimal damage. Also, This can only happen once both players have reached level 5.

What’s interesting is that if you lose the squabble, you can respawn one of two ways. either you seek revenge, spawning near the hostile player ready for another fight or you just respawn in a chosen area, ending the PvP hostilities.

Now, spur of the moment 1v1 PvP is good fun for all and the spontaneity can lead to a shocking victory or woeful defeat. However, the new Hunter/Hunted Radio allows players to opt into a much more ‘battle royale’ styled way of playing.

Hunter/Hunted Radio

If you tune into the Hunter/Hunted Radio on your RobCo brand Pip-Boy, you join what is called a ‘pre-war training session’ in which you’ll attempt to hunt down a survivor. However, whilst you track your prey, someone else will be hunting you down too. This seems like a very convoluted way to say ‘battle royale’ but it does have its nuances and considering the Fallout style of gameplay could be a fresh take on the oversaturated genre.

At least four people must join the Hunter/Hunted Radio queue, and then these players will be assigned a hunter they must track down and assassinate. Whether the groups in this game mode will be larger than four players is unknown, with the article stating ‘once at least four players have joined…’. Additionally to these specific restraints to each player, there is a one-hour time limit in which to kill your prey without being killed yourself.

Now, this is where this new game mode screams ‘battle royale’. Over time, the hunt area will decrease forcing players together, in essence, this is done like all other ‘battle royale’ games to speed up the gameplay and make sure players actually run into each other. Once you’ve killed your prey, you’ll be assigned the player they were tracking. This continues until there is one player left. Winner winner mutant chicken dinner anyone?

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