Fallout 76 Beta PC Settings Excludes FOV Slider

Fallout 76 Beta PC Settings Excludes FOV Slider

Fallout 76 is soon to be upon us and this week marked the start of the PS4 and PC pre-order exclusive beta. Many Fallout fans have been eager to jump into the online world that is Fallout 76, however, concerns have already begun to surface.

In a Reddit post by user AlexanderDLarge on r/pcgaming these issues are highlighted. He states that the game lacks a Field of view (FOV) slider, and that only 16:9 aspect ratio is supported. So, with the FOV locked at 80 and no aspect ratio settings, we can see why this is inconvenient for PC gamers with larger displays.

In an article from PC Gamer Wes Fenlon dives into the video settings for the game. He notes that whilst there is an extensive list of graphical settings, it lacks framerate, FOV and a few other common settings. The article states that digging around in the .ini file shows the FOV to be locked at 70 for 3rd person and 80 for 1st person. Fenlon also confirms the framerate can be unlocked, which hopefully will provide a much smoother gameplay experience on high end graphic cards.

Whilst these concerns may be worrying to fans hoping to play on PC, it’s important to note that this is only a beta. Therefore, it’s unfair to assume these options won’t be added to the game on release or in future patches. Before the first beta of the game, Bethesda released a document (below) for their fans which politely noted that the game is not finished and will be continually worked on through and after release.

To learn more about the Fallout 76 video settings read the full PC Gamer article here.

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