Respawn to Premiere ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ on April 13th


After years of hard work, Respawn seems ready to show off there new Star Wars game. It is set to debut at ‘Celebration Chicago’ very soon!

Recently, Lucasfilm made the announcement that EA and Respawn will formally reveal Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at a Celebration Chicago panel on April 13th.

As expected, not much information has been given about the game so far however, Lucasfilm did confirm “never before released” details of the game will be revealed.

What we know so far

Fallen Order is due to launch in fall 2019… From what we know of the story it seems you meet a Padawan who survived Order 66… You are to experience, survive and live in an era where there are seemingly no Jedi left.

We also know that the game has faced a lot of lets say, ups and downs in the last 3 years. With EA in the picture I cannot help but worry about the game. Of course, I could be worrying about nothing… Look at Apex Legends for example, a massive hit with great gameplay. One just hopes that the emperor, that being EA, do not interfere too much with the game. I personally do not want to see another wasted opportunity. (Referring to Battlefront 1+2 as well as EA’s latest flop.. Anthem)

Let us know in the comments below, what are you looking forward to? Will EA really mess up another game? Or with Respawn at the helm will we actually get something worthwhile?


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