Fake Fortnite Android Ads Highlight Security Risk

When Epic Games announced Fortnite would not be on the  Google Play store many people were shocked. Days after Scams promoting a fake version of Fortnite on Android appeared.

These ads look like the real thing and have been advertised on Youtube telling people to download Fortnite on Android and to download “Fortnite Android APKs”. Most of these ads on youtube are ranking in over 250,000 views on youtube. These ads are using gameplay from the IOS version and trying to pass it off as Android gameplay.

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Fake Fortnite Android ads YouTube screenshot 4

The description is where it is given away as it is a simple copy and paste job from other scams. Fortnite on Android (The real version) doesn’t have even have a release date yet so for the sake of your phone’s hardware do not click on these links.

Epic Games CEO knew this would happen to Fortnite once they announced they would not use the Google Play store. He told fans to always double check where this information is coming from and honestly, everyone should do that so no hardware or even personal info can get hacked.

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This is the dark side of gaming where scams happen every day and Fortnite On Android is set to release by the end of the summer and we will keep you updated on the release window.

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