Fairy Tail promises a rich experience for players!

Fairy Tail
This game looks to be 30 hours of RPG fun!

And you still have time to watch the series!!

If you are a Manga fan then you will no doubt by now be salivating over Fairy Tail. Sadly I have never really taken to it, however, I have a girlfriend that does. She likes to watch Black Butler, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, Sword Art Online (also a game series), and many, many more. She also likes Fairy Tail and has a shiny new switch to play it on. But just to confirm, for those that may have their wires crossed, the game itself does not drop until JULY 30th. So as my sub-heading suggests you still have time to watch Fairy Tail and partake in the excitement (I will be doing that).

So what’s it all about? Originally a series of Graphic Novels written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima, and later turned into an Anime series. The story follows a character called Natsu Dragneel who is a wizard and member of a guild called Fairy Tail. He is searching the world for a dragon named Igneel. With over a decades worth of material and such a rich backstory plus so many characters, this promises to be a decent RPG. It also has a very strong fan base, selling over 60 million copies worldwide.

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The game itself has been supervised by Hiro Mashima and promises to be faithful to the source material, and will incorporate three of the most popular story arcs: Tenerou Island, Grand Magic Games, and Tartarus (I thought that went with fish and chips)? Rumors also suggest at least 30 hours of gameplay, so anyone that’s into RPG might want to pick this up. Also boasting at least 16 playable characters there is potential here to replay as many times as you want until you master them all. For the die-hard fans there are lots of hidden gems, including a visit to Lucy’s house, which I’m told by those in the know is a very cool thing to see.

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All in all, this is shaping up to be a nice looking game. I love the Anime style graphics and the fact that the creator is involved is something other games could learn from (I’m looking at you Star Wars franchise). And who knows, I might even become an anime convert! The game will be available on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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