Fable 4 will be on XBOX series X

Fable 4
Lets hope its not a reboot!

It’s about time That Fable 4 Has Been Announced!

So I’m sitting drinking my coffee, watching the Xbox games showcase. A fairy flutters across my screen and both my girl and I say ‘Aw that’s cute, nice animation’. She then says ‘Yeah but you won’t get to play as the fairy’ In the next shot she gets munched on by a toad. This was funny. It was also the teaser for Fable 4.

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That’s right boys and girls after a decade of waiting Fable is finally coming back home to the Xbox. The trailer doesn’t give much away, and none of the Dev’s popped up to give us more, but now the flood gates are open, I’d say it’s fair to say that we are about to get a lot more info in the coming weeks.

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that this is not called Fable 4, but instead is simply titled ‘Fable’

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Nice. Let’s hope it is a sequel and not just a reboot!

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