Excited for Gears 5? So Are We! Join us in Escape Mode!

With Gears 5 early access just 3 days away, the hype is getting almost too much to handle! Is it the 20+ hour Story mode? Horde 4.0? Wall bouncing competitive PvP? Well yes all of those but what is getting me all hot and bothered is the new Escape mode. Racing against the clock to escape from a Hive with the Swarm in front of you and deadly poison gas behind you. What a rush! With the new escape mode there is also a new feature for the Gears of War franchise. A Map editor.

Challenge Your Friends

With the map editor you will be able to create escape maps with pre-made tiles that you can snap together. In the tiles you can place enemies, weapons, and ammo. So, you could make a map with a single long corridor and spawn in snipers and Longshots. Which is my idea and will be doing that straight after release. I will share on my XBL account for those of you that will want to play it. Over the first few weeks of release I will be adding all the Gears players I can find so I can see the Escape maps they share and test myself. Send us at DGR your Escape map in order to have the chance to have it shared online each week.

Challenge US!

There will be three rewards, Hardest, most Creative, and most Fun. The First article will be my favorite launch map and a Map of my own creation. “Sniper Alley” or “Longshot Hallway” … or “Snipey Snipey Long Long”.

If you want to share your Escape map with us Leave your Gamertags in the comments below or Add and message my account “Thom Glynn”. Please include the name and the description of your map in the message.

Let us know in the comments below what are you most excited for in Gears 5. Do you love the idea of Escape or do you think you are not going to touch it?

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My name is Thomas I am a British Game enthusiast who loves all things video games. I am a massive fan of video game lore and love anything with a unique colour palette and fast pace.

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