Everything You Need To Know About The Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal


Finally, after long anticipation, Borderlands 3 is here. Well not yet, but we’re close, September 13 is the confirmed release date. And to keep the fans just creeping ever closer to the edge of their seat, Gearbox put out an hour-long Gameplay Reveal to show just a tad more of what we can expect this fall.

Here’s the cliff note version of what went down throughout this reveal,

  • Claptrap will make a return! And it looks like he will serve an important role throughout the game. Lilith as well will act as a guide as you make your way about.
  • The game again will have its famous cell-shaded nature but this time Unreal Engine 4 will take it to a whole new level.
  • The gameplay won’t feel that much different. Still having very aggressive enemies, and a boss oriented style of play to make you feel right at home.
  • The new cult entering Pandora is called The Children of the Vault, who are searching for the vault on the planet. Also, a new psycho boss named “Mouthpiece” will serve as a new challenge, his main power is he battles using sound so that should be fun!
  • The main villains who were shown off in the original Borderlands 3 reveal trailer, look to be actually the   Troy and Tyreen Calypso Twins. We shall see how they compare to the original villain of Borderlands tho ( fingers crossed ).
  • Humor will still very much play a part throughout the story, as an example before you start your told to sign a “user agreement” for using the Echo 3 ( You know, Just in case ).
  • The Echo 3 is sorta like the one in B-lands 2 but better organized and minus the clutter. Just better.
  • Character customization is going to be a factor in this game, emotes, skins, and just overall changes to your skill tree that allows for a personalized experience.
  • The three-branch skill tree system will return and is similar to that of Borderlands 2. And allow you to upgrade your action skill just like before.
  • The new characters Amara and Zane were shown in greater detail than before. Zane is a combination of a soldier and hunter class being able to equip two action skills simultaneously, while Amara is more of a siren type class utilizing psychic abilities and such.
  • Borderlands 3 will now give the player more mobility! Crouching while running enables a slide function, a feat that should of long been added before.
  • It looks like we might have to rely more on crouching and cover because the cover we hide behind and the environment itself can be destroyed. So don’t feel completely safe for too long, your cover will collapse!
  • Loot instancing is in this sequel, but not the only option! Basically, this means, if wanted to, you have the ability to get individualized loot for every player that is in your game. Which means no more hassling over who gets what. But there is also a “classic mode” which reverts your settings back to the original Borderlands 2 style of looting, where you can compete with your friends for the loot.
  • Ammo shops will be much easier to interface with as well, there will be an option for “buy all” which will speed up the pace of play.
  • Sanctuary 3 will serve as a hub for players. While here players will be able to meet one another, upgrade their weapons at Marcus’s shop, select new missions, perhaps find new weapons previously lost on a mission via the Shop-Style Machine, and also visit new worlds.
  • Mad Moxxi, Maya, Ellie, and Hammerlock, will all return but as NPC’s.
  • This game is promised to have no microtransactions, a crazy amount of bosses, and to be the wildest Borderlands yet!

Are you ready for Borderlands 3? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.



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