Everything VS Me… Rage 2’s New Trailer


Rage 2’s New Trailer Has You Killing Everything in Sight… And We Love It!

Bethesda’s Rage 2 is finally slated to release in just about one month and to make the wait until launch day a little bit easier, today a new gameplay trailer for the title was let loose.

Recently, Bethesda blessed us with a new video for Rage 2, entitled ‘Everything vs. Me.’ As expected from the title the trailer is about just that… fighting everything you see.

The world of Rage 2 looks very similar to that of Borderlands…That is if you were to cross it with that of Doom, either way, the trailer looks awesome. The new trailer below shows off a variety of enemies, cars, and even… A cliff! In the video, there is also a nice addition of new gameplay footage. Check out the new trailer below!

Interestingly, as the release date approaches, Avalanche Studios and id Software continue to reveal more information about Rage 2. Of course, if you wish to keep up to date with this information be sure to keep your eye on Daily Gaming Report. Don’t forget you can follow your favourite games! Check out our Rage 2 page just click here!

Being a fan of Doom I am personally looking forward to Rage 2 but let us know your thoughts in the comments below, what games are you excited for? Also, be sure to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube Channel for up to date gaming news in video format!

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