Epic Store Gaining Games, Including Outer Worlds, Heavy Rain and Detroit

Epic games is really making a name for themselves. Since their launch of their store, they have been announcing games left and right. Today at GDC, Epic made some announcements. Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human and Beyond Two Souls will be making their way to PC for the first time.

Courtesy of Epic Games

Among these titles, The Outer Worlds from Obsidian is also coming to Epic Store. Earlier on Twitter, The Outer Worlds tweeted the following:

That means The Outer Worlds will be only on Epic and Windows Store at launch and will only be released 12 months later on other digital platforms. A couple months ago we hardly knew of Epic Store, but now they are the talk of all media platforms out there. Not only do they have a great revenue split for developers, they are also gaining top name games first before anywhere else.

What are everyone’s thoughts on Epic Store? Comment below!

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