Epic Games Store: The Messenger Free For Week 3 11/19

The Messenger surronded by monsters

Epic Games Store Free Game this week is The Messenger (Image: Sabotage Studio:

The Epic Game Store giveth and taketh away as it seems. For the third week of November Epic will only be giving away one free game which is The Messenger.

The Messenger tells the story of a young ninja who must travel throughout the world to try and save his clan. To be more specific, he must deliver a scroll that warrants his clan’s survival. On the surface level The Messenger seems to be just a classic action platformer, but underneath all of that is truly a story of time travel with thrills, surprise and humor.

A collection of characters in The Messenger

The Messenger NPC’s (Image: Sabotage Studio)

Developed by Sabotage Studios and published by Devolver Digital. This is Sabotage’s first foray into the gaming industry and the game met with outstanding reviews and fan reception! Devolver is known for its quirky games and the humor in The Messenger shows that it fits in there library.

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For those confused, there has never been a guarantee of getting two games from the free selection, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise for it to happen before the holiday. There are two ways to take the information, either Epic may give something bigger name for next week, or another game could be chosen.

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