Epic Games Store Free Games For 11/19 Week 2

Nuclear Throne and Ruiner

Epic Store Free Games 11/19 Week 2 – Ruiner & Nuclear Throne

Coming November 7th is the next round of free games from the Epic Games Store. The upcoming week consists of roguelike Nuclear Throne and brutal top-down Ruiner.

In game picture from Nuclear Throne

Action in Nuclear Throne (Image: Vlambeer)


Nuclear Throne takes place within a post-apocalyptic world, but don’t fret; it’s not the normal post-apocalyptic. In Nuclear Throne, the world isn’t seeking a final hope of humanity, but more humanity is just outright extinct. Nuclear Throne was developed by Vlambeer, who has also developed games like Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and other games.

Within Nuclear Throne’s world boasts powerful weapons and unique mutations. But, can you survive within the world long enough to acquire these weapons and abilities?

In game hub world of Ruiner

Hub world of Ruiner (Image: Reikon Games)

The other free game from the store is Ruiner. This is a cyberpunk action shooter much like Nuclear Throne, but instead of desolate wastes, this features futuristic environments. Ruiner was developed by Reikon Games and published by Devolver Digital. It is Reikon’s first game and quite impressive given. Devolver has put out other games like the Shadow Warrior series.

Ruiner is much like a trip down the rabbit hole; with every turn, the story becomes more convoluted and draws you further in. Aside from an in-depth story, Ruiner also offers amazing music and a multitude of abilities.

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