Epic Games Is Now Worth 8 Billion

A year ago Fortnite came into the Free to play picture with its now famous battle royale mode. Fortnite in a year has given Epic Games 1.2 Billion since its launch in September of 2017. Fortnite might be free to play but with the Battle Pass and the cosmetics, no game has made more in game sales than Fortnite.

After a recent analysis from Bloomberg has reported that Epic Games is now worth over 8.5 Billion dollars. Fortnite itself is on track to make 2 Billion by the end of 2018, which makes Tim Sweeney ( the founder & CEO of Epic Games) a billionaire.

Tim Sweeney created Epic Games in the basement of his parent’s house 27 years ago and now is the controlling shareholder of Epic Games. Tim Sweeney is really living the American dream and has a wonderful success story all because of Fortnite.

It was also reported if Epic Games were to sell right now they would be worth right around 14 Billion which is an outrageous number to even comprehend. Fortnite on mobile makes around $2 million a day, up from $1.5 million earlier this year.

Fortnite came around at the right time and used the right formula and has basically taken over the gaming world the past year. Congrats to Epic Games for taking advantage of a market and this just leaves one question. What is the next trend in the gaming industry?e

Tylor Rayl
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My Name Is Tylor but most of the interweb refers to me As TyFoon had the nickname since my Call Of Duty Multiplayer days, Big comic book fan as i own over 3,00 comic books. I have studied the history of video games for the past 7 years. I used to be a sports writer for Athletes hub but i figured it was time to follow my love for gaming more. Feel free to follow me on twitter

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