Encased Questionnaire: Add Your Own Character

Ever wanted to have your own character in a video game? Ever wanted someone to look at the description of a character and wonder who came up with that character? Well, Dark Crystal Games has you covered with the first community-based event for the upcoming RPG Encased.

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Encased its a post-apocalyptic game that features an open world and open choices. Based on the trailer you may have a choice on whether to help Cronus or to work with a group hidden in the shadows working to undermine Cronus. The game features a lot of likeness to the original top-down Fallout games.

There is now a form, located on their website, that allows you to fill out something of a faux job application to work for the in-game government system Cronus Foundation. The form requires some creativity and allows you to answer questions that help to form your character. Aside from questions, you are able to allocate stats and create a unique backstory. Any character considered extremely unique may be added into the game as a full NPC.

The process is actually quite simple. Expect to read about Sergei Raikovich, my Russian ex-con, in the game when it does arrive on Steam in 2019. There are also plans for other platforms aside from PC in the future.

Here is the form for you to fill out to add your own character.

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