Elder Scrolls Online is going to Quakecon 2018

They’re going all out this year

Zenimax Online has announced that they’ll be bringing Elder Scrolls Online to QuakeCon 2018. The game will be available to play for free on every console it’s available on which includes PS4, Xbox One and PC or MAC. You can even purchase several titles like Summerset and Crowns, get exclusive pets and Twitch Drops.

Here is some info in regards to the event from ESO’s official website highlighting the event’s details:

“We’re bringing ESO to QuakeCon in a big way this year, and whether you’re one of the lucky attendees in Texas or watching from home, there’s something for you to get excited about.”

“Starting Thursday, August 9 at 10:00AM EDT, you can play The Elder Scrolls Online free on all platforms (PC/Mac, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One). Once the event starts, visit our Free Play Page and select your platform of choice. You’ll be able to enjoy the ESO base game AND the Vvardenfell zone completely free until Wednesday, August 15 at 10:00AM EDT.”

On the plus side they mentioned that you would not need a PlayStation Plus membership whiling playing the PS4 version.

“With the ESO base game, you’ll be able to explore Tamriel, reclaim your soul in an epic main story, and fight in a massive open-world PvP zone. For the first time, the Vvardenfell zone will also be available during the free play event, allowing you to visit the island home of the Dark Elves to help a god regain his lost power. If you already own the ESO base game, you’ll be able to enjoy access to the Vvardenfell zone during the event period, too!”

“Starting today and running for the duration of QuakeCon 2018, select Crown Packs, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (including Digital Collector’s Edition and Upgrades), The Elder Scrolls Online Collection, and The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition are on sale.”

“The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is the latest Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga, allowing new and veteran players alike (there are no level requirements) to explore the isle of Summerset and uncover a Daedric conspiracy.”

This sale is now available on all consoles and will run until August 13.

This appearance will also include playing the game in the exhibit hall and a communiiy meetup. To find out more information in the event visit the link below detailing ESO at Quakecon. Comment below on what you think of this. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Blizzard claims that Overwatch has an influence on World of Warcraft for storytelling,


World of Warcraft taking story influences from Overwatch

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