Elder Scrolls Legends Is Getting Long-Term Support From Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Legends Is Getting Long-Term Support From Bethesda

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of global marketing, recently spoke about wanting Elder Scrolls: Legends to be cross- play you can check that article out here.

However, Pete also goes on to say that they want to support the game for a long time it isn’t just something they want to launch and forget about, he had this to say on the matter of supporting the game long term:

“Legends was designed from the ground up to not be a ‘fire and forget,’ to be a game that we were constantly iterating on, adding new features on, adding new cards to,” Hines said. “In some cases, we weren’t doing some of those things as quickly as we wanted to.”

Which is why they wanted to change developers of the game to Sparkypants Studios so they could improve the game and continue to support it, as well as getting it out on as many consoles as possible.

Pete also goes on to explain how he believes now is the perfect time for Elder Scrolls: Legends especially with the success of Hearthstone which is the biggest game in the genre at the moment. Pete had this to say:

“It’s back to being cool to play board games, it’s back to being cool to play Dungeons & Dragons,” Hines said. “It’s back to being cool to play strategy card games. And well, awesome. I mean, I’ve always thought it was, and now everybody else does, and so, a rising tide floats all boats.”

He also goes on to explain that eventually they want to incorporate all their games together so if you play one of their games and buy a DLC you will get items for another game, similar to how we have seen with Elder scrolls Legends Dark Brother Hood DLC you would receive an in-game mount for Elder Scrolls Online.


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