EA is being sued by survivor of Jacksonville Shooting

EA is being sued by survivor of Jacksonville Shooting

Survivor of the recent shooting that took place at the Madden 19 qualifying tournament in Jacksonville, Florida has filed a lawsuit against Electronic Arts and the venue of the tournament which it took place.

The reason behind the lawsuit is that EA and the participating arena failed to keep the event a safe environment for all attendees which left two professional players dead, and 10 injured including Jacob Mitch who is suing EA which he himself was shot twice.

Jacob is also suing the Jacksonville Landing Arena and the Chicago Pizza Parlor where the event took place. Citing that there were blocked exits and fire code violations. According to Fire Marshal Kevin Jones from his code violation report which he says that the tragedy “would not have occurred” if the parlor had kept up to code which doesn’t include the game room.

Jacob Mitch is being represented by the Morgan & Morgan law firm who is also going to represent other survivors who plan to file a lawsuit against EA for the tragic events that took place.

As a response EA has since cancelled any future Madden 19 qualifying events as well as donating up to $1 million dollars to the survivors of the shooting. The Chicago Pizza Parlor has recently been shut down by Fire Marshal Kevin Jones due to the code violations of the unapproved game room portion of the venue.

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