EA Dice Will Be Fixing Battlefield 5 Issues

Have you played Battlefield 5?  Have you noticed the game is quite fast-paced?  EA Dice finally acknowledged that they will be fixing the problem sometime down the road.

Battlefield 5’s time to kill (TTK) and time to death (TTD) are really low.  EA announced that this issue will be fixed, but not right away.  This issue will not be fixed right now because the developers are looking at something they are working on.  This experiment is hoping to increase the TTK.

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DICE is here for their customers and are trying their best to improve the game.  They just do not want latency to reduce the quality for everyone around the globe.

Battlefield 5 will be getting an update next week, which included the Tides of War event as well.  The changes will be improvements to the reviving actions, buffing the Medic’s SMG and some changes to many more weapons.

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Comment below if you experienced problems with Battlefield 5.  In other news, Sony PS5 Graphics Revealed?

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