Dying Light 2 To Be Shown Off At E3 2019

Dying Light is a game that is loved by most of the game community with it getting excellent reviews. So it would make sense for Techland to make another Dying Light.

So when E3 2018 come around, Techland announced Dying Light 2, the sequel to the studio’s 2015 survival horror action-RPG. However, other than a quick 3-minute video showing off some gameplay, which you can check out below. Techland went silent, not really mentioning much about Dying Light 2.

Until Now that is, as they took to Twitter to announce that they will be showing of Dying Light 2 at E3 2019, though they didn’t really go into much detail as to what would be shown off. So Our best guess is they will show more gameplay as well as hopefully some multiplayer details, though if you were hoping for a battle royale mode, Techland lead designer Tymon Smektala, has already said this will not happen. On top of all that hopefully we will get a rough idea as to when the game will release. You can check out the Twitter post below:

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