Dying Light 2 26 Minute Gameplay Trailer What’s new?

26 minutes of fast-paced free running and tight combat mechanics shown. Excellent, the exact thing that gamers want to see more of. So let’s go over the overall premise of what happens in the video.

The Trailer starts with your character ‘Aiden’ who is bent over a bathroom sink and seems to be struggling with his motor controls. Very likely a hint at the player being infected. Aiden is hurried out of the bathroom by his friend/mentor ‘Frank’ who takes him through a night club slowly. Obviously, the developers using this to show of their character models and lighting effects. When they get to a table and start talking about a meeting between the two main factions about getting the water pump turned on and supplying water to the city.

The Meeting

Aiden is a few stories above the meeting talking to an NPC when a gunshot is heard below. He rushes down with Parkour and lands on a Renegade and shows some human on human combat. The Player also shows off a blueprinted weapon that he turns on mid-combat to deal a high damage electric attack. Once all the Renegades are eliminated two escape in a campervan and before pursuing them you check on Frank. He has been shot and Matt (one of your “Allies”) tells you it was the Renegades that opened fire on them. You are then given a Dialog choice of either to chase the van down or to stay with Frank. For the trailer, they choose to chase after the Van.

The Chase

You leave the compound and can not see the van anywhere. So instead of having an unrealistic tracking icon of the car, you are told to get to higher ground to see if you can see it. *insert sweet, yet slightly cartoonish, parkour tower ascension with rope hook and a counterweight lift. You then get to the top of the tower and do a look around through binoculars. He then sees some Renegades harassing citizens and an objective comes up to find frank a doctor.

You then spot the van and keep the chase up running and jumping through the city. Fighting zombies, showing the new zombie mechanics and fighting them. You even fall into a dark area where you have an immunity meter that slowly depletes in the dark. The green lights on your wrist are also slowly turning red. I’m guessing there will be a mode in this game with no HUD so you would have to look at your wrist instead of the top of the screen.

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They also showed a new way to combat the evolved infected with a UV flare. It gives a 360-degree field of UV but only for a few seconds. Good when you are surrounded and on low health. After the darkness level you catch up and jump onto the van from on top of a bridge and hold the driver hostage. You have to option to kick him out of the car but decided not to.

Car Ride and Pumping Station

You have some dialog with the driver who is your typical Stoner type character who is terrified. It turns out that keeping him in the car was the good idea as there was a passcode to lower the draw bridge. Aiden has been told repeatedly that the Renegades are ruthless murderers and savages but upon arrival, there are children playing and people talking and eating around a fire.

At this moment I thought “ohh WE are the bad guys” The driver of the van then says that he should sound the alarm and you have the choice to either threaten or convince him. The Threaten option is taken and while you are traversing the base you stop and use your binoculars to plan your entry to avoid enemy forces. Matt alerts you over the radio that Frank is dead and the quest to find him a doctor pops up as failed. Shortly afterwards the driver stoner betrays you and sounds the alarm.

Back To Fighting

The Infiltrator becomes the chased as a few honks immediately alerts all the stationed guards as to your exact location. Very efficient communication method. Aiden starts fighting with soldiers that get near him but run as soon as he is too outnumbered. He eventually hides in a vent and sneaks into the bosses room. You confront the boss as he asks you where frank is, you inform him that his men killed him and he seems confused as their orders were peaceful. Matt over the Radio tells you not to listen to him and turn the water pump on. The boss tells you that you can not turn the pumps on but if you trust him you can get the city water some other way.

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You decided to turn the water pumps on so he sends his men on you as he escapes. You are shot although it doesn’t seem to do that much damage, and the rest charge you. Aiden then takes down the shooter and takes the gun which the voiceover says is a blueprint weapon that is essentially a one-shot kill, the player then reduces the numbers to roughly two. He then flips the weapon around and kills an assailant with the handle. Then what follows is a long fight against a “Heavy” the fight is slow and is used to show how you can use the grappling hook in fighting.

You kill him and then some dialogue happens as you turn on the water pumps. The water flows and the damn bursts which opens up a previously submerged part of the city. It then cuts to a voice over and story stuff. The Peacekeepers storm the Damn over the previously flooded fields. And then … an arm rises from the ground and spikes pop out from its arms teasing a new kind of infected.

So that’s that, What did you think about this trailer did you enjoy i? Are you excited to get your hands on Dying Light 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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