Dual Universe Beta will launch in August

dual Universe
The huge MMORPG Dual Universe will go into Beta on August 27th (Picture: Novaquark)

On August 27th, Dual Universe Beta will launch for paid subscribers

Starting in just over a month, the Dual Universe Beta will be available for subscribers. Earlier, Jean Christophe-Baile (founder go Novaquark) said that a number of games inspired Dual Universe. For example, he compared the scale of the game to No Man’s Sky; in terms of the structure, Christophe-Baile cited Minecraft. The game forces players to collect their own resources to fashion what they want: a space station may take players “many months, perhaps even years” to complete. However, you need not work alone. Players can interact to form their own society. There is no preset economy or trading in the game; this is all left up to the players. Altogether, Dual Universe will give players an unbounded sandbox in which to craft their own sci-fi world.

If this description has caught your interest, then the Dual Universe Beta subscription may be a good way to try the game. Nova quark has said that 3 months, 6 months, and 12-month subscriptions will be available. These will cost $20.97 for 3 months, $38.45 for 6 months, and $69.90 for 12 months. Also, an Alpha subscription is available, which gives access to the current Alpha, as well as 3 months free for the coming Beta. The subscription prices won’t be hiked at launch, according to Novaquark, so you can always wait until the release.

As a new trailer for the game came with the announcement of the Dual Universe Beta, we will include it below:

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