Dragon Ball Project Z


Dragon Ball Project Z trailer revealed

Bandai Namco is on a roll as of late with Dragon Ball news. First we were shown the new fighters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ with Season 2. Now a new trailer for their Dragon Ball Project Z game.

The game is set to come out this year for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. It’s going to be an RPG. Based on the footage shown, it looks similar to the likes of Pokemon as far as roaming about, though no combat mechanics were shown in the trailer.

This appears to be a retelling of the first story arcs in Dragon Ball Z, which aired in the nineties, adapting Akira Toriyama’s original manga series. This game appears to have you play as Goku, though it’s unknown if you’l switch off to play as other characters, such as Gohan or Vegeta.

Based on what’s been shown, it looks interesting. Graphics look more in line with Dragon Ball Heroes, but more polished. Honestly, it’s too early to give an opinion on the game, as little actual details have been revealed. We know the game exists at this point, and more content will be revealed. Comment below on what you think of Dragon Ball Project Z.

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