Dragon Age 4 update

Dragon Age
Dragon Age team 'making progress'

The wheels are still turning!

Its been seven years since the last Dragon Age game and apart from the brief announcement at the Game Awards in 2018, EA and BioWare have been pretty tight-lipped.

Until recently that is. In a tweet to fans, Dragon Age 4’s executive producer Mark Darrah opened with “I realize that most of you are here for Dragon Age news and there hasn’t been a lot of that lately,” He then went on to say that the team behind the game are ‘making progress’.

Dragon age 4 Update

Dragon age 4 newest update.

The team which is now working remotely have been hard at it, although Darrah also said that working from home has made development much more difficult. Obviously us here at DGR are expecting the new Dragon Age to be on the next-gen consoles. Dragon Age: Inquisition also became available for the first time on Steam last month, so if you need your D.A. fix, now is your chance!

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