Dota 2 Outlanders Update Potentially Coming This Tuesday

The new outlanders update looks to shake up the current state of Dota 2 (Picture: Valve)

The new outlanders’ update looks to shake up the current state of Dota 2 (Picture: Valve)

Valve has recently announced a new Half-Life game and CS:GO update. Now they are looking at expanding on another popular title Dota 2. One of their developers has revealed the potential release date for the new patch “The Outlanders” to be set for Tuesday (November 26th).

A Valve developer went to Reddit to tell fans that they are looking at releasing the new update. Valve does have a tendency to push updates back, so this isn’t confirmed yet. Valve has yet to release anything via social media, so this could just be speculation. The Reddit user goes by the name cameron_dev and commented on a thread asking when the update will be coming.

Players have been complaining about the state of the game for the past six months. It’s got that bad that Dota 2 has reached the lowest player count ever over this period. Valve are hoping that The Outlanders patch will be bringing the players back and changing the stale gameplay that is currently plaguing Dota 2. This patch will also be introducing two new heroes, Snapfire and Void Spirit.

What do you think of the Outlanders update? What do you think of the current state of Dota 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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