DOOM Update Adds Tons of New Free Content

A wallpaper featuring imagery from the videogame DOOM.
The newest Doom Update gives fans a lot more game to chew through, and Bethesda has promised even more. Image Source: KosmicKollector_Designs

For almost three decades, fans have been enjoying the fast-paced, brutal shooter action of id Software‘s DOOM series. Now, in the midst of the upcoming DOOM Eternal, Bethesda has released a free update for the modern console, mobile and PC versions of DOOM that includes a host of new content and improvements.

The new DOOM update will be coming to the current Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS and Android versions of the game, and Bethesda is also releasing a PC version of this new release via Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this update is the addition of add-on support, which allows players to play through a host of new content which Bethesda calls “some of the best professionally made and community content created for these games over the last 25+ years“. This includes map packs TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, which are available on both DOOM and DOOM II and, yes: these are the two packs that made up Final DOOM’s retail version. So, essentially, you’re getting Final DOOM absolutely free with DOOM or DOOM II.

The box-art from Final Doom. The artwork resembles an ammunition case.

The erroneously titled Final DOOM released way back in 1996, and now all of its content is yours for free if you own DOOM or DOOM II. Image Source: id Software

As if that wasn’t enough, DOOM will also be getting the SIGIL add-on, which is the new original campaign created by John Romero himself. Finally, there’s also No Rest For The Living, a DOOM II Campaign previously only available on DOOM II’s original XBLA port. That’s a lot of new free stuff to play through!

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On top of all the new playable content, the update also includes a wealth of new improvements and features. These include being able to play the game in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, quick save and quick load, and for the first time ever, DOOM I and II will run at 60 FPS on all consoles. And yes, all of these new features will work with the new add-ons as well.

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There’s a whole lot more, and you can read the full patch notes in this thread on Bethesda has also stated that they plan to add more Add-Ons in the future, but they will have to go through Bethesda’s QA testing to ensure that it will work on all platforms.

“We will continue to add content that is a mixture of official DOOM and DOOM 2 add-ons, as well as some of the best community episodes and megawads released for the original DOOM games.” 

To download the new add-ons, simply make sure you’re signed in to a account and access them via the main menu’s new Add-Ons screen.

What do you think of the new update? Has this made you want to buy DOOM or play it more? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! While you’re here, why not check out our other awesome content on our YouTube channel here?

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