Doom Eternal will have Single Player DLC

SnapMap won’t return though

It has been announced that Doom Eternal will include it’s own single player DLC however SnapMap will come back this time around since 2016’s Doom.

 Director Marty Stratton of Doom Eternal recently commented on it with this:

“Right now we don’t plan on bringing SnapMap back into Doom Eternal,”  “We’re really focusing those resources on doing some of the things that players wanted more from us post-launch.”

“For many players, that was additional campaign content, and Stratton says that’s a big focus this time around. “One of the big criticisms – and even if I could go back and do it again – I think we’d do campaign DLC after launch. People really wanted that. They wanted stuff created by us. SnapMap was really cool. I loved it. But it didn’t really scratch that itch for people. But we know we can. You’ve always got a little pile of chips, as we call them. You’ve gotta place your bets. This time around we’re gonna bet on ourselves, and making content that we know people want – because they’ve asked for it a lot since 2016. And that’s what a lot of those resources are going to go towards.”

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I think it would be interesting to see what they do with it. Snapmap was a lot of fun to try out seeing some bizarre levels thrown into the game. DLC opens up doors for players and the devs. You can expand the world and story to include stuff that were left out of the game for the time being. When making something with creative intent there are always ideas that are wonderful, yet for some reason don’t mesh well with the formula. the DLC could also be total fan service for all we know, incorporating what we loved of the past games and bringing back gems of the past. I mean 2016’s Doom is littered with references to the original Doom, Eternal seems to follow that same frame of mind.

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Bethesda and id know what they’re doing, there’re a few more tricks up their sleeve past what we’ll see past the core game we will play soon. I mean that alone should be epic, looking past that sounds overwhelming at this point in time. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the DLC with the game.

Below is a gameplay trailer of Doom Eternal which doesn’t have a release date yet. Comment below on what you think of this. What would you like to see as a DLC pack for Doom Eternal? I hope you enjoyed this article. In other news Rage 2 gameplay was revealed at Quakecon.

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