Doom Eternal will have an “Extra Life” feature

Doom Eternal will have an “Extra Life” feature

After the explosive introduction displayed at Quakecon recently, Doom Eternal has been nothing but love at first sight. The fun doesn’t stop there as viewers have noticed something interesting from seeing the footage of the game. The game will feature an “Extra Life” mechanic in combat which will act as a guardian angel of sorts for players who are close to an upcoming checkpoint and yet are being beaten to death by demons.

This is separate from the checkpoints as they still act as pillars in your progress. The Extra Life kicks in when you’re about to die and makes you invulnerable for a few moments to fight some more or recollect yourself to get ready to unleash more carnage. The option is also available in the invasion feature where another player can invade your campaign and try to ruin your fun.

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Hugo Martin, the creative director on the game elaborates more on this saying “They do work in invasions. It still counts as a death, but yeah, you don’t get penalized by going back, you can continue where you left off. It’s a fun gameplay loop and it’s a proven gameplay loop – it’s a safety net you’ve provided for yourself.”

This looks like a neat feature applying some features typically seen in multiplayer modes into a single player campaign. The people behind Doom has always displayed a twisted sense of black comedy and this seems to be another addition to that.

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Comment below on what you think of the Extra Life feature. Doom Eternal is set to come out on all current platforms sometime next year. Below is a video of Doom Eternal gameplay shown at QuakeCon. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news PUBG’s latest update features additions such as the Sanhok vehicle, anti cheat system, and more!

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