Doom Eternal will allow you to play as a demon

Demons against Demons oh my

Quakecon has shared some exciting news in regards to Bethesda’s upcoming release of Doom Eternal. With all the new bone crushing abilities it’s hard to contain joy without exploding. To start things off is that the Super Shotgun weapon is tapping into Legend of Zelda territory with a twisted spin. The gun will now have a meat hook projectile modification, similar to the hookshot from Zelda you can fire it at a opponent, latch it on them, and drag yourself closer to them with the occasional instant kill on their part. This feature seems crazy especially seeing it in action for the first time. It opens up the chances of seeing more elaborate platforming in the game as we saw some of that in 2016’s Doom.

You’re the demon now

In what is being called “invasions” you can invade a player’s campaign or your own by acting a slayer demon to try and snuff them out.multiplayer experience will have you up against friends in a single player campaign. There will also be a versus mode for players to take up the demon role and rip each other apart in that fashion. Marty Stratton who is a executive producer on the game recently told Eurogamer how this mode will push the limits of the previous release:

“It’s super-fun to play as part of the Doom game of chess game but as a different piece on the board,” Stratton said. “We want people to very easily have it right there at their fingertips and they can bounce between any experience just as easy as they can play the campaign.”

And the rest

With many monsters on the way as well as dash move now included like in Metroid Prime the series Bethesda has announced new features which will enhance the action this time around. This includes Doom Slayer’s abilities being titled “Slayer 2.0” with some the features I’ve mentioned above. Bethesda and the team have stated that Doom Slayer will be more powerful this time around with upgraded armor, weapons, mods, the whole nine.

Fan favorite baddies like the Pain Elemental, Arcvile, and Arachnotron will be returning along with new additions to the cast. The DOOM Hunter and the corrupted Marauders will be introduced along with destructible demons makes the gameplay take it to another level. The Doom Hunter sounds interesting as maybe it will appear as a rival for Doom Slayer to oppose him and outmatch with an equal arsenal of toys to mess with.

Thoughts and Feelings

At first seeing the release of another Doom title sounded great since loving the last one, this has exceeded my expectations so far. Bethesda and the crew seem to want to step it up from the foundation they created and plant their boots firmly in the ground to show us a good time at the expense of the armies of hell we will plow through soon.

Comment below on what you think the new features and if you’re excited for Doom Eternal which doesn’t have a release date for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Below is a gameplay video for Doom Eternal. In other news Google is set to lose money from Fortnite skipping out on Google in their mobile version of the game.

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