Dontnod opens new North American studio

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Dontnod is opening a new branch in Montreal

Life is Strange developer Dontnod opens up new North American Studio

Dontnod, the developer behind the hit episodic game series Life is Strange, has announced opening up a new studio in Montreal.

This second branch with start work on a brand new project. Also, in a statement today regarding the new studio, Dontnod said that it would allow the developer to be closer to the team’s main audience.

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Aside from the Life is Strange series, Dontnod is also known for the RPG Vampyr and the sci-fi action game Remember Me. It’s unknown if there will be another installment to Life is Strange. Or if Deck Nine will provide another spin-off to the series. Although currently, Dontnod is working on a new standalone title Tell Me Why. Which is due to arrive on Xbox later this summer.

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