DONTNOD CEO talks Twin Mirror Story

Story first

Oskar Guilbert, the CEO of DONTNOD Entertainment has recently shed more light on the story of the studio’s new game, Twin Mirror. Revealed at E3 in June, Twin Mirror is a new IP that puts story at the core of it’s foundation.

Guilbert reveals that the game’s story revolves around a yet unnamed man in his thirties that returns to his hometown where he will be met with numerous obstacles. Guilbert further states “It’s a game about coming back, about accepting his past, about his personality that we can describe as somewhat deep”.

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He goes on to say that the idea for Twin Mirror has been in the works for several years. We learn that the gameplay mechanics will consist largely of choices that will directly affect the direction of the narrative.

Who you interact with, your interactions with the environment and your dialogue choices will all play a role in determining the ending of the game. “In a way, the game is mirror of the player’s personality” Guilbert saids.

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Not since Climax’s Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has a game placed so much emphasis on player choices as the way Twin Mirror hopes to accomplish.

Stay turned for more info regarding the game in future DONTNOD production vlogs.

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