Divorce site claims that 5% of UK divorces are due to Fortnite

A website called did a recent poll of divorces in the United Kingdom. Five percent of the divorces have blamed Fortnite as a cause of addiction for causing people to file for divorce in the past year. has stated that they “received 200 divorce petitions since the beginning of 2018 where addiction to Fortnite and other online gaming has been cited as one of the reasons for divorce.”

“This equates to roughly 5% of the 4,665 petitions [they] have handled since the beginning of the year.”

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Now there is a serious issue that can be addressed here. Video Game Addiction is a serious thing and can cause parts of our lives to crumble in harsh ways. This report has stated that the number of divorces due to Video Game Addiction could increase in the next year. Addiction is a powerful thing and can trick us into thinking what we crave and need is helping us when the opposite is occurring.

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Fortnite is a fun and engaging game yet there are times when we can take a break from it and focus on what’s important and remember there’s a world out there. Comment below on what you think of the UK divorce rate. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, PUBG fell under the 1 million user mark in the past week.

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