The Division 2 New Skills Announced!

The Division 2 Intelligence annex has come to us with some information on the new skills for the second iteration of the Division Franchise. On November 29th They announced 5 Skill Categories. They are Categories because each of the skills have different settings.

If you want a detailed run down then click here.

I will supply a small run down of the five new skills.

Chem Launcher.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a launcher that uses different types of ‘Chem’ Ammo. This skill can be used for area denial, De-buffing enemies, buffing teammates, and as extra weapon.


Everyone remembers the original Division when they presented the smart glass drone that joined the squad during the assault on the police station. The Drone is now a skill that can supply a short time AI companion with a range of functions. Think of the Drone as an ability that can fill in gaps that some small squads have therefor allowing players to specialize their load out and use the drone to counter their weaknesses.

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We all know what a cluster grenade is, we all know what a cluster mine is, well add them together. If you aren’t impressed enough then imagine that the clusters could heal, buff, release mini drones for the team, and even revive downed players.

Seeker Mine.

It is back with a vengeance, we all know it if you are a Division veteran, The Seeker Mine. It can even fix teammates armor which, because it locks on and drives it self, is an effortless buff, perfect for a sniper or long range fighter. The other modules are just to deliver damage in unique ways depending if you want damage, range, or multiple targets.


The one skill that offers no buffing or healing modules. So this is a skill that you equip if you want to be the damage dealer of the group. It can use different modules that not only change the weapons characteristics but also its targeting behaviors. It’s important to know who the turret is firing at in order to form an effective strategy.

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So what do you think about the new and returning skills? Let me know in the comments below.

In other news the Elder Scrolls Blades will release in early 2019. Read more in the link below.

Elder Scrolls Blades will be released in early 2019

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