Discord To Start Selling Games

Discord To Start Selling Games 


Discord has made a lot of improvements in the past year from adding the voice chat feature to being featured on the Xbox One. Discord is the perfect place for gaming communities and has been for the past year plus.

Discord now appears to be adding a store and a subscription service to start selling games.  The idea of the subscription service came out of nowhere and it will change things as Discord might not need Steam anymore.

In order to subscribe to the game library, you must upgrade to the discord nitro subscription which is $4.99 monthly and $49.99 annually. This service will give you access to a selection of games and chat perks. The selection of games will be a wide range of Triple-A titles and indie titles.

Nitro will be used to focus on more legacy titles but the store will offer newer games for direct purchase. Discord chief marketing officer Eros Resmini tells Variety. “We generally focus on newer titles for the Retail store and ‘games you may have missed’ for the Nitro subscription.”

He would go on to explain why Discord is just now doing this. “We now have 150 million users, so timing felt right. We knew we didn’t want to sell ads or user data, so we had two options left: cosmetics or content. Nitro was our attempt at cosmetics, now we’re adding games to that subscription and building a retail store too.”

The new features go live today but only in a beta form and only for a random 50,000 users in Canada. If you are picked the only way to know seems to be you will find a Discord store tab & access to the upgrades Discord Nitro.

Discord also had the following to say about this announcement

“For many people like us, you grew up during a time when there were a relatively small amount of games being released. We remember devouring Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, and other various gaming mags to get a sense of the titles coming out.”


With the beta just launching we have found the first list of games that are available with the subscription. Saints Row: The Third, Metro: Last Light Redux, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, de Blob, Tormentor X Punisher, Dandara, Kathy Rain, GoNNER, Kingdom: New Lands, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, and Super Meat Boy.

Dead Cells, Frostpunk, Omensight, Into the Breach, SpellForce 3, The Banner Saga 3, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Hollow Knight, Moonlighter, This is the Police 2, and Starbound have been added to the store but expect way more titles in the coming weeks.

How do you feel about this? Is Discord doing the right thing to not use Stream? Will you be using it once it leaves Beta? let us know in the comments.


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