Could the Future bring Discord to Nintendo Switch?


Discord is still interested in bringing their app to Nintendo Switch

Recently, while responding to a question on Twitter, the official Discord Twitter account confirmed the company’s interest in bringing the discord app to the Switch.

I’m fairly sure any company would like to bring their app to the switch (or any of the other consoles as a matter of fact) however a good chat service is needed on the Switch at this time.

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Of course, Discord will not come to Switch without Nintendo’s approval, but there is still hope yet!… Discord recommended that fans keen on the idea should show their support through Discord’s feedback page. I personally do not know how much difference this will make as it has been 2 years since Discord first showed interest in bringing the app to Switch, but who knows… Discord now has 250 million users across mobile and desktop, doubling its audience in the last year… With its popularity in mind perhaps one day Nintendo will bring Discord to Switch?

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What do you think Nintendo should do? Will you be pestering Nintendo to bring Discord to Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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