Dirt 5 Dev Praises PS5 DualSense Controller

Car in Dirt 5
Dirt 5 on next-gen consoles will be greatly improved. (Credit: Codemasters)

The PS5 DualSense is taking racing games to the next level

Development director Rob Karp spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine UK for its latest issue on how the PS5 DualSense controller will greatly enhance Dirt 5. He said it “fits really well for racing.”

“The DualSense is great,” he said to Official PlayStation Magazine. “When we got the tech demo up and running the whole studio came around and everyone wanted a go. It offers something new and unique and we felt it fits really well for racing, especially for a game with such diversity of content and cars.”

Three weeks ago, in an interview with Xbox Wire, Codemasters technical director David Springate revealed that the next-gen racer could reach up to 120 fps on the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, the PS5 will reach that smooth level of frames, which was confirmed by Karp.

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Dirt started as Colin McRae Rally in 1998 by the studio Codemasters. In 2007 it was rebranded as Dirt while still keeping the traditional rally racing. The fifth installment was announced early this year at Inside Xbox.

Dirt 5 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 9. When the next-gen consoles are out, the game will be available there too. Sometime in 2021, it will also be on Google Stadia.

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What do you think of Karp’s impressions of the PS5 DualSense controller with Dirt 5? How do you feel about going beyond the normal console standard of 60 fps? Let us know all of your thoughts on this story in the comments.

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