Devil May Cry 5 Wins Best Action Game at The Game Awards 2019

Capcom takes home the award for Best Action Game of 2019 (Picture: Capcom)

Devil May Cry 5 has bagged itself the award for Best Action Game of 2019 at The Game Awards event.

The long-running franchise is no stranger to awards and nominations it seems. Now, fans have slapped the next award on to the newest sequence released back on the 7th December 2018.

Capcom faced a rather strong opposition tonight during the nominee announcements. With titles such as Apex Legends, Astral Chain, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Gears 5 stepping up to bat, there’s no denying Capcom would’ve been quaking in their boots as Norman Reedus took to the mic. But, alas, Capcom struck gold and brought home the hefty award that’ll sit nicely alongside their other well-earned accomplishments.

You can take a look at the trailer for Devil May Cry 5 here:

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