Devil May Cry 5 PAX Panel Will Explain Nero’s New Arms

Devil May Cry 5 PAX Panel Will Explain Nero’s New Arms


Devil May Cry 5 will be having 2 of the best demon hunters returning for this hyped up release. Fans are curious about what changes they have made to Dante since the last game released, We saw Nero get the spotlight at E3 2018 where we got to see his amazing and deadly robotic arm. The robotic arms replace his weapon which was known as ” Devil Bringer”.

At PAX west we will find out how and why that was a change that had to be made. If you are a fan of the series and want to know what is next then PAX west 2018 is the show for you.

We will also see a third character in the game who has not been revealed yet. Fans are wanting to see more images of Dante as we have only seen him in the artwork and a brief appearance in the reveal trailer. Capcom Producer Matt Walker knows getting his look right is important and Capcom has stated that the end product will make fans happy.

If you dying to try out this game before it releases then you might want to go to Gamescom 2018 as there will be a playable demo for the public. The content and length to that demo has not been revealed but we should hear me in the coming days.


Devil May Cry 5  is scheduled to release at some point in spring 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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